Speaking In Tongue; A Great Lie By Olakunle Allison

Speaking In Tongue; A Great Lie By Olakunle Allison

One of the grandest deceptions to ever find its way into the bloodstream of Christian theology and lifestyle is the Pentecostal teaching on ‘speaking in tongues’.

My oh my, so many Pentecostal pastors are going to end up in hell because of this false demonic teaching alone. I was once fooled by the same demonic teaching and I also thought that forcefully uttering some unintelligible and undecipherable gibberish makes me ‘spirit-filled’. That’s the usual lie. It might as well mean you are full of shit!

The concept of ‘speaking in other tongues’ – which is archaic King James English for speaking in unknown languages – remains one of the most popular and most abused legacies of modern Pentecostalism.

Here are a few truths everyone needs to know about this phenomenon in the New Testament (sorry I won’t be referencing Scripture but they are all scriptural. Kindly consult Pauline Epistles);

1. Speaking in unknown/other tongues is ONE OF THE GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. It is certainly NOT a proof that you have the Holy Spirit. It’s just one of His gifts. Jesus had the Holy Spirit without measure, yet there was no mention of him speaking any other languages other than Hebrew or Aramaic. That is very important because it means you can be 1000% filled with God’s Spirit and not speak in other tongues. This is the opposite of what Pentecostal pastors teach.

2. Speaking in unknown/other tongues is NOT COMPULSORY. Yes, utterly not compulsory. This makes sense because it is A GIFT entirely at the discretion of the Holy Spirit. Hence, any pastor that tells you that you are not born again or spirit filled until you utter some tired meaningless gibberish compulsorily is under the influence of demons. Yes I said so.

3. Speaking in unknown/other tongues by FORCE (as taught in most Pentecostal churches today) is an invitation to other spirits to hijack God’s gift. Now this is where we get into dangerous territories.

In 99% of Pentecostal churches people are taught to believe that a Christian who does not speak and PRAY in tongues is sort of unsaved or unspiritual. Consequently, members and new converts are made to go through a contrived program which climaxes in a special session that ensures that everyone can speak and pray in tongues. You don’t ‘graduate’ from that program until you can impress your handlers with some gibberish. Funny right?

We have reduced God’s gift to a curriculum and course content. You must speak in tongues by force or coercion or you don’t graduate.

Abuses then set in. And where abuses are replete, demons breed. It’s like rotten decaying matter which must breed maggots. Demons take advantage of their appetite to speak in tongues BY ALL MEANS and then hijack their tongues. The moment they try to force the hand of the Holy Spirit He recoils because He doesn’t strife; thus making room for other spirits to take over. This is scary stuff but it’s how spiritual transactions work. There can be no vacuum.

4. Speaking in unknown tongues is NOT the same as Praying. Sadly today, the only time people speak in tongues is when they pray. In fact, speaking in tongues has become some sort of ‘punctuation marks’ and ‘interludes’ of praying. In other words, when people don’t know what to pray for and how to pray they seek cover in tongues. This is regrettable. People don’t even pray anymore. They just rant in some unintelligible and meaningless gibberish that leave the Trinity and Angels confused.

Mysteries, Prophecies and Counsel can be uttered in unknown tongues. It’s not only about praying.

5. Speaking in unknown tongues aloud is NOT ALLOWED in the Church UNLESS you can interpret or there’s an interpreter. This is clearly and unambiguously written in Scripture, yet Pentecostal pastors just gloss over it to their shame.

In the Early First Century Church of the Apostles of Christ, you were only allowed to utter unknown languages by the Holy Spirit PROVIDED you also have the gift of interpretation (yes interpretation too is a gift) or there’s a gifted interpreter in the assembly. Is this what we observe today? Never! This brings me to my final and sacrosanct point.

6. Speaking in unknown tongues even under the influence of the Holy Spirit CAN BE CONTROLLED! Anyone who says he cannot help but shout and utter gibberish in the name of God is a liar. The spirit of a prophet is subject to a prophet. Gyrating and hyper ventilating uncontrollably in the name of speaking in tongues and being spirit filled is not of God. Most likely another spirit has taken over his faculties. ONE OF THE FRUITS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT IS SELF CONTROL!

Let these sink in.

May God forgive pastors who teach otherwise and peddle a great lie.

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  • I just dont want u to decieve other people .here is proof even from the scripture of the validity of speaking&praying in tonges openly.
    There is nothing wrong in PRAYING in tongues aloud in the is just that when ever u pray in an unknown tongue in the church try to pray in a known tongue also~1CORINTHIANS 14:14-17. There is a difference between PRAYING in tongues(1CORINTHIANS 14:14-15) and SPEAKING IN TONGUES WITHOUT INTERPRETATION FOR UNBELIEVERS TO HEAR (1CORINTHIANS 14:21-22) and SPEAKING IN TONGUES TO MAGNIFY\PRAISE\TELL OF GOD’S WONDERS\WORSHIP\ which is the evidence of The Holy Spirit baptism(ACTS 2:1-15; ACTS 10:44-46 ) and SPEAKING IN TONGUES FOR INTERPRETATION FOR BELIEVERS TO HEAR(1CORINTHIANS 14:27-28). Every christian can PRAY in tongues(it is called PRAYER LANGUAGE)&all can speak in tongues for unbelievers to hear and all SHOULD speak in tongues to praise\magnify\tell of God’s wonders\worship\(this is the evidence of The Holy Spirit baptism) but not all christians can SPEAK IN TONGUES FOR INTERPRETATION(it is a specific gift of the spirit in 1CORINTHIANS 12:10&30). If the bible condems speaking in tongue openly for unbelievers to hear why does it say in 1CORINTIANS 14:21-22 that “with men of other tongues will i SPEAK UNTO THIS PEOPLE yet they will not hear wherefore tongues is a SIGN TO UNBELIEVER” . If tongues is a sign to unbelievers as the scripture says, how will they hear it as a sign to them if it is not spoken openly to them or for them to hear. 1CORINTHIANS 14:39 says “……..FORBID NOT TO SPEAK WITH TONGUES” .Even in the first church, they ALL spoke with tongues to tell of God’s wonders for the unbelievers to hear(ACTS 2:1-15).The fact is this, if ALL of them were not speaking in tongues in the first church during penticost, why did the people MOCK THEM SAYING THEY WERE DRUNK OF WINE in ACTS 2:13-15 ,if they were all speaking with understanding the people would not have said they were drunk ,this is what happened in Cornelius’s house(ACTS 10:44-46). This is proof of the validity of speaking and praying in tongues openly .SPEAKING in tongues(without interpretation) should be done for unbelievers;SPEAKING in tongues to praise\magnify\tell of God’s wonders\worship\ SHOULD be done any were by all believers(any were,in &outside the church) but SPEAKING in tongues for interpretation(with an interpreter)(not all believers can do this) can be done in the church, there is the speaking with TONGUES OF ANGELS in 1CORINTHIANS 13:1 which i guess no man can understand, PRAYING in an unknown tongue can be done every were(in and outside the church) but try to pray with a known tongue as also with the unknown

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