How To Prepare For JAMB 2018/2019 And Score Very High

The most effective method to PREPARE FOR JAMB 2018/2019 AND SCORE ABOVE 300


It isn’t too soon to begin reading for JAMB 2018/2019. The prior, the higher your odds of scoring high. Try not to hold up till after JAMB 2018/2019 enlistment before you begin reading. Give me a chance to share my personal reading experience with you.

I read Text Books from Monday to Friday, no less than 4hours day by day continuous. You may figure, how might I read for 4hours day by day without losing concentration?
On Sundays, I rest, watch T.V,Party or playfootball and I don’t read by any stretch of the imagination. Prior to the beginning of my UTME examination, I could finish every one of my Text books twice!.
On the off chance that you can utilize this strategy reliably or infer a superior technique, you’ll end Scoring over 300 in Jamb 2018/2019.


Time-table will help you to stay predictable with reading. Ensure you don’t miss your every day reading plan. This is another strategy to get ready for Jamb 2018 and pass.


Everyone have his/her own powerless point. With respect to me, it was maths until the point when I gave more opportunity to reading maths. I began creating personal enthusiasm for it, and now it is my best subject.

In the event that there’s any subject you believe is hard for you to comprehend/recall, it implies you have not been investing more energy in it or you have demonstrated absence of enthusiasm for it. Change your mentality, let yourself know, “I need to know this subject!”.


When I altered my opinion set and center to Mathematics, I began reading it and invested more energy in it. Following three months, I found I had just 2 topics left in Mathematics while I have no less than 7 each in chemistry and Physics that were my top picks at first.

I had dismissed my Chemistry and Physics obligations and concentrated on Mathematics as it were. I needed to move back to Chemistry and Physics in order to strike a harmony between the 3 subjects.

What I am endeavoring to state is, “While you are working hard at your weak areas you should never neglect your strong areas . They are the best places to pack cool stamps in Jamb 2018″.

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Make good Use of the syllabus,It will guide you very well ,In knowing where J.A.M.B will bring out questions from so as to prevent you from reading unnecessary Topics


Toward the finish of every syllabus, you’ll discover some rundown of prescribed reading material by JAMB. These writings and Past Questions will be utilized to set JAMB 2018 questions. Thus, make Use of them while getting ready for JAMB 2018.

7. Concentrate on PAST QUESTIONS

Past questions are the main JAMB 2018 expo you’ll discover across the country. The truth of the matter is JAMB is out of questions, so they Repeat Lots of their questions. Few years ago when i wrote my J.A.M.B I noticed several questions were repeated.Repeating Of questions By J.A.M.B is nothing new.
Study past questions, read more on each question from the recommended textbooks and study the pattern used by JAMB for setting questions.

8. Go To A Good Tutorial

What you read without anyone else’s input, when upheld by what you realize at Jamb lessons around is the thing that makes you stacked for the Jamb 2018/2019 examination. Never Neglect the importance of a good tutorial,funny thing is that most of these tutorials are cheap are numerous.In tutorials you are prepared intensively for J.A.M.B,you get to meet your fellow jambites and you all work together to achieve the goal which is to score high in J.A.M.B.

Note-Don’t waste your time quitting a tutorial where you are not taught properly or exposed to the realities of J.A.M.B

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9. Ask Questions

If there is anything that you don’t know or you find confusing about your studies or JAMB 2018, feel free to ask questions from those that have the knowledge. Seeking for help is smart not stupid As its for your own good.

10.Make use of Early Morning Reading

In the morning when you wake up from sleep,you find out you assimilate more and thats why tough courses like maths are thought in the morning,This is a scientific proven fact.You can start by waking up as early as 4’0 clock and reading till like 6 every morning.You can prolong it till like 7 A.M if you can ,Afterall its you that needs to pass J.A.M.B not your parents nor your siblings.I emphasize morning reading because it worked well for me.


daily for information on J.A.M.B 2018,i hope you found my article worth reading.I will like to know what you feel by expressing your self in the comment section.


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