How To Easily Manipulate Your Way To The Top at Your Workplace 

How To Easily Manipulate Your Way To The Top at Your Workplace 

By Johnspeak Uwangue (Motivator, HR Consultant, Talent Manager and Coach)

The goal of most employees is to successfully climb to the top of the ladder at their workplace. For you to know how happy people can be when they get promoted, is when you see them at the altar in churches every Sundays and midweeks giving testimonies. Most people think that all they need do to get promoted is simply to work hard. The truth still remains that hard work pays but smart work coupled with hardwork is bae. I know some holier than thou brethren will accuse me of teaching people the art of manipulation, but the truth is, people manipulate their way everyday Unknowingly or knowingly.

There are people who are talented manipulators (this is one of the workplace talents that I’ll be helping participants discover during my forthcoming online seminar) that is, they naturally manipulate people even without knowing. These set of people doesn’t need to be taught how to manipulate people just as a little child doesn’t need to be taught how to lie. Humans are naturally liars. Some bosses will never do the right things unless they are manipulated to do so. Just as some Nigerian students would never be given surplus by their parents unless they are able to manipulate them to do so.

So, today I will be sharing just three out of the many ways that employees can manipulate their way to the top at their workplace.

– Understand Your Bosses 
A proper understanding of the makeup of your bosses at different levels will help you to know how to manipulate them. Some bosses belong to the RESPECT category This set of bosses doesn’t joke with respect. They expect you to always say yes Sir or yes Ma’am to them. If you try to argue with them or try to show that you are more intelligent or smarter, you may fall out of favour with them. Apart from the respect set, there is also the COMPANY category. This set of people always want people around them. People in this category are naturally talkative. They’d always talk about themselves and their achievements and how beautiful and lovely their spouses are. Apart from the above mentioned there is also the introverts. Introverts naturally don’t go out but that doesn’t mean that they don’t want to. Introverts naturally like outgoing people. Even if you are not an outgoing person it’s adviceable you fake it in order to be able to manipulate them.

If you are able to understand the natural makeup of your bosses and also practice the next tip that I’ll be sharing with you then, you are sure to get to the top easily at your workplace.

– Build Trust 
One of the biggest issues of mankind is trust issue. People will only recommend those that they can trust. For instance, no matter how experienced you are in financial accounting, you may never be pushed to the top of the ladder unless you’ve succeeded in building trust. You and I know that trust can be faked. No matter how ambitious or lustful you are never you sell away your trust right. So the big question that you should ask yourself is CAN I BE TRUSTED?

– Just Pretend 
In his book “the accidental public servant” Mallam Nasiru El-rufai wrote something that has helped to shape my life. According to him, while seated with a former President of Nigeria Chief Olusegun Obasanjo when he was still the president, the president told him that the reason why he was having so many oppositions as the Director of the Bureau of public enterprise was because he looked too intelligent and smart for their liking. The president told him that he was brought out of the prison and made the president because he looks like a fool even though he had so many As in his WAEC. Most people who have the power to take you up won’t unless you pretend. Even if you are the most intelligent or smartest, just pretend as if you are not and play along. The truth is, most people who always want to say how it’s doing them seldom go far. Humility doesn’t make you lesser than a man or woman, it helps to attract people who have the ability to take you far at your workplace.

– Have something they need either a rare talent, skill, knowledge or wisdom.

Succeed You Must.

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